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About Us

Why I Invented a Hand Therapy Device

Jeff Zernov, founder of Triumph LTD (Light Therapy Devices), has an extensive history in developing cutting-edge medical electronic products dating back to the 1980s. A serial entrepreneur, one of Jeff’s early companies, Zercom Corporation, was a contract medical products manufacturer focused on the “Minnesota Medical Alley.” Jeff manufactured many dozens of high-tech products including the first pulse oximeter device and the first portable defibrillator. In the early 2000s, Jeff designed a vascular imaging system for the emergency EMT field. During that research, a scientist friend of Jeff’s came to him with the early data from NASA on Red Light Therapy. Jeff’s friend also had degenerating knee joints and his doctors were recommending double knee replacement. Jeff designed and built an early stage red light treatment device for his friend which eliminated the need for the knee surgery.

When Jeff’s wife Paulette developed arthritis in her hands, he immersed himself in reading clinical studies on arthritis treatment. With no cure for arthritis, the science and data supporting red light therapy treatment were overwhelming. However, it became obvious to Jeff that the companies applying the science to actual products in the market fell woefully short. It didn’t make sense that a one-size-fits-all light box could be used to treat all body parts. Due to Jeff’s background in medical device design, he knew that all critical variables must be eliminated and that the red light therapy treatment device must be designed for a specific body part in order to produce the best results.

The Triumph LTD Hand Therapy Device is designed specifically for the treatment of arthritic hands, joint pain and hand ailments. It is the result of over 3 years of research and development and 6 rounds of prototyping. The crucial elements of red light therapy science are light frequency, light intensity, distance between the light emitters and treatment area, and the length of the treatment session time. Control of these elements is the fundamental attribute and function of Triumph LTD Hand Therapy Device, and what makes it so successful in the treatment of arthritic hands, joint pain and other hand ailments.

 Jeff Zernov - Inventor of the Triumph Hand Therapy Device