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LED Technology

Are LEDs as effective as the red light laser therapy sessions my clinic offers?

Harvard researcher Michael Hamblin, PhD (widely regarded as the world’s top authority on photobiomodulation) has studied this in detail and has released the following statement on this subject:

“Most of the early work in this field was carried out with various kinds of lasers, and it was thought that laser light had some special characteristics not possessed by light from other light sources, such as LEDs. However, all the studies that have been done comparing lasers to equivalent light sources with similar wavelength and power density of their emission, have found essentially no difference between them.

So, spending a few hundred dollars on a Triumph LTD Hand Therapy unit is as effective as a $5,000-$30,000 medical laser device. Better yet, you don’t have to go to a clinic and pay $75-$300 per treatment. Once you own a device, you can do unlimited treatments at home for no additional cost and get all the same benefits. You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars by not having to receive the same treatment at a medical clinic or pharmacy.