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Payment Plans

If you ordered a Triumph device using the finance option, you are on a multi-pay billing plan. Multi-pay is only available to customers ordering with a credit card directly from Triumph LTD. Note: discount codes and other promotional offers may not be applied to the financing plan orders.

Payments automatically post to the credit card used on the order approximately every 30 days after the initial order date. You don't need to contact Triumph or manually send payments. Funds must be available on the card for each payment. If a payment is missed due to a declined card, several attempts to process the charge will be made. If attempts to collect the payment continue to fail, a notice from Triumph and/or Triumph's payment collection partner company will be sent to you to arrange suitable payment terms. Multi-pay offers and purchases are subject to Triumph LTD approval.

Triumph reserves the right to adjust, change or discontinue payment options and terms at any time.