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  • Instant Pain Relief from Hand Arthritis and Joint Pain


Instant Pain Relief from Hand Arthritis and Joint Pain


Easy At-Home Red Light Therapy

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Patent-pending triple-therapy treatment:

Precise-Dose Red Light Therapy

Just as with prescription drugs that have specific doses, red light therapy also requires a specific dose to be effective. Only Triumph delivers the exact dose of red light energy to relieve your arthritic hand pain, stiffness and swelling.

Infrared Heat Therapy

Heat dilates the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscle spasms. Heat also reduces the sensation of pain, providing you with greater flexibility and use of your hands.

Vibration Massage Therapy

Vibration increases blood and lymphatic activity, provides comfort and joint relaxation and increases flexibility. Vibration massage also acts as a sensory distraction, interrupting chronic pain signals traveling to your brain, relieving your pain without pills.

Based on Science

Red Light Therapy

Incorporating research first discovered by NASA, Triumph LTD Hand Therapy uses photobiomodulation, or “red light therapy” in conjunction with heat and vibrating massage to provide much sought-after pain and stiffness relief. Benefits of red light therapy >

The Perfect Treatment

Our product creates the perfect environment for treatment of hand arthritis and joint pain with specific details like light placement with different refraction angles, wave frequencies and measurements. Learn More >

Energizing Cells

The dual light frequencies employed by Triumph LTD Hand Therapy increase the function of the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell), allowing a cell to make more ATP (or energy). With more energy, cells can function more efficiently. How red light therapy works >

Promotes Healing

As well as hand arthritis and joint pain, Triumph LTD Hand Therapy also promotes scar reduction, healing and tissue repair at rates of up to 250%, as discovered by NASA. Red light therapy benefits >


“You never realize how much you depend on pain-free hands until hand arthritis takes them away from you. With this red light therapy device from Triumph LTD, I can do all the things that used to be too painful, like cooking and my beloved gardening.”

Paulette, 71

“Finally, I’ve found a treatment that works without all of my anti-inflammatory pills. Safe, soothing, convenient—and when I use it conscientiously—remarkable relief. No matter what I tried, the pain in my hands was getting worse. Now I found a treatment that gives me relief. It took away the stiffness, and allowed me to do the things I no longer could do.”

Bob, 82

“I’ve lived on a farm all my life which is very demanding on your hands. My arthritis had advanced to a point I couldn’t hold cards to play bridge with my friends. My son gave me a Triumph and I began using it every day. Within two weeks my hands were back, I was able to hold cards and do things the pain and stiffness had taken away. I continue to use Triumph each day; I’m afraid to stop and go back to my old hand pain and stiffness.”

Mary, 70

“I have very bad arthritis in my hands in addition to diabetes. With no strength to grip my walker or cane, I was unable to get out of my chair without help. A neighbor got a Triumph and invited me to use it with her. Within 20 days, my pain was gone and I was able to grip my walker and get out of my chair unassisted. I’m back in control of my life, thanks to Triumph.”

Kathy, 68

“I bought a Triumph for my mother. We went on a two-week road trip and I made sure she used it every day. When we spent a couple days with my aunt with arthritic hands, my aunt started using it. Two days after we left my aunt’s house, she called and asked me to buy her a Triumph. She couldn’t believe how good her hands felt when she was using it.”

Ray, 72

My arthritis prevented me from completing everyday activities like vacuuming and getting dressed without pain. Over the past three months, Triumph has been a lifesaver for me. I've noticed improvement from the very first time I used it.

Gerae, 64

Proven Results

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red light therapy from Triumph LTD helps get your life back.

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