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Proper Dosing with Triumph LTD

Everyone understands that taking the proper dose of any medical treatment is critically important. Over-dosing or under-dosing will not produce the desired results. Red light therapy also has a specific dose requirement for optimal treatment. It is important to realize that photobiomodulation doses are highly biphasic. This means the maximum benefits may not be realized if you’re using too little or too much light. There is a specific photonic dose range that produces the benefits. More doesn’t mean better when it comes to photobiomodulation. Although over-dosing will not cause any harm, it may take away some of the benefits.

Proper dosing using the Triumph Hand Therapy Device

The therapeutic window of photobiomodulation is very narrow and must be precisely controlled. The proper dose of light energy delivered to a treatment area is dependent on these key factors:

  • Light frequency: Triumph uses both 660nm and 850nm, the optical window of the cell chromophores.
  • Light intensity: Triumph uses 49 one-watt LEDs.
  • Power density: Triumph is designed to specifically treat hands, so the power density is controlled by the physical design of the hand grip and light chamber. This is important in dosing because simply changing the distance between the hand and lights from 1” to 2” reduces the power density by a factor of four.
  • Treatment session length: the built-in 15-minute timer delivers the suggested 37 joules of light energy to the hands during each treatment session. The 37 joules measurement is the dose most experts recommend for optimum treatment results.

This is the beauty of Triumph Hand Therapy: we eliminate all of the variables and give you the proper mix of light frequency at the correct intensity and distance over the entire surface area of your finger joints for the proper treatment time.