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How To Use Triumph

Here Is How Easy It Is To Use Our Hand Therapy Device

For the maximum results from Triumph Hand Therapy, it needs to become woven into your daily routine, much like taking your daily medications.

One session involves treating both hands. The silver button on the side of the unit controls the time so you get the precise dose. For the best results, use the device 2 sessions per day for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Having a regular schedule for Triumph treatment will insure the best results. In the morning it’s a great way to enjoy your morning coffee or tea. Doing a treatment session before bed will help prevent the tradition night time hand pains associated with arthritis. After your initial period you can adjust your treatments to meet your comfort needs. During times of high hand use you may want to add a session mid-day.

Remember you cannot over dose from light therapy and it is totally safe.

Because there is no cure for arthritis, finding a consistent treatment schedule that you can maintain is important.

During the 15-minute treatment your hands will be warmed by infrared heating and you can adjust a gentle vibration massage to relax your hands.

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Quick Start Guide

Steps 1-3

Begin by turning the unit ON. Press treatment timer button to start a 15 minute treatment session. Place hand in the unit.

Steps 4-5

Adjust the intensity of the vibration. The unit will automatically shut off after the 15 minute session is done.

 Arthritis Hand Therapy Device: How to Use

How to use hand therapy device for arthritis