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How To Use Our Triumph Hand Therapy Device

For the maximum results from Triumph Hand Therapy it needs to become woven into your daily routine, much like taking your daily medications.

For best results, use the device daily for the first two weeks. In cases of advanced arthritis, use the device twice daily: once in the morning and again in the evening. We suggest you start with one morning session for each affected hand. The 15-minute treatment can become part of your morning coffee or tea ritual.

Once you have a week or so of treatment and are experiencing the benefits, you can adjust your dosing specific to meet your comfort needs. Remember you cannot over dose from light therapy and it is totally safe.

Because there is no cure for arthritis, finding a consistent treatment schedule that you can maintain is important.

During the 15-minute treatment your hands will be warmed by infrared heating and you can adjust a gentle vibration massage to relax your hands.

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 Arthritis Hand Therapy Device: How to Use

How to use hand therapy device for arthritis

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