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Triumph Hand Therapy Device to help relieve hand arthritis pain 


I want to share with you the success I've had using the Triumph w/my arthritic hands.

Day 1:  started with very stiff, swollen hands; sat down with coffee, am readings & Triumph for 15' on both hands.  Also applied hand lotion 2-3 x/day & wore mittens while outside.

Day 2 & 3: same routine, hands about the same, other than I could "flex" my left hand, which was different.

Day 4:  both hands were less stiff-very different!

Day 5:  wow! during the night they were less stiff & my knuckles weren't sore!!

In 6 days, my hands were feeling so much better, which encouraged me to make this part of my daily morning routine for weeks, until.

I traveled for 5 days (w/o Triumph) & was very glad to get back to the daily care of my hands, which I now knew, didn't have to be so uncomfortable.

I found the vibration, infra-red light & heat to feel good & be effective with my hand pain.  I also view Triumph as a self-help tool in the self-care of my arthritic hands, that works. But only, if it's part of my daily routine, I continue to want the change & am willing to sit down for a bit, to reach that positive outcome.

Keeping a log is a must for me, to achieve the desired results of using my well-used hands, & getting them back doing what they like to do!

Triumph is a Success for me & my hands, thank you!
I realize this is super long, so please feel free to use or not, any or all.

Best wishes in your Triumph business!
Anne Macaulay


Attached is a summary of a clinic visit I had in October of this year in regards to osteoarthritis pain. It's true that I was unable to make a tight fist with either hand and also had sharp pains in the thumb joints. This exam was prior to me knowing that your product for hand therapy existed.

After using the Triumph Hand Therapy Device for a week now I have basically no pain in either hand while making a fist and the pain in the thumb joints is becoming less. I'm grateful that I saw the advertisement in my American Legion magazine and that I followed up on the offer!

Jim Hansen


Hats off to you…the Triumph has landed -my mom loves it , relaxes and warms her hands wonderfully . Thank you!!!!

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

Now will you invent the same for feet. :) Well done Jeff ! Was for Shirley Muse (Mom).

Regards to you and your family.

Benalu Schlein


I really want to “thank you” for your red light “Hand Therapy” machine. I noticed a change within a week of using it twice a day, but I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it, so I wanted to give it more time. It’s been almost two months now since I’ve been treating both hands and my pain level has gone from extreme to very tolerable. I realize, as you said, that it won’t cure the arthritis in my hands, but I am experiencing a major reduction in my pain level and I’m able to do normal daily activities without severe pain and weakness. I’m back in my garden again, back on the yoga mat, back to working out and lifting light weights, golfing, kayaking and paddle boarding without the extreme pain.

Thank you,

Liz Baird

This email is months overdue. I purchased your device in Jan. of this year in hopes it would help relieve intense pain from Heberden’s nodes on three of my fingers: both index fingers and my right ring. They’ve gotten worse over recent years, both in pain and the size of the deformed joints, which is not only ugly to look at but my right-hand dominance also makes it problematic. A steroid shot in the right index finger gave me a few months of relief the first time I did it in 2018, but the second shot in 2019 did nothing. I think it’s hard to get the needle into the right location due to how large the bony node is. I also didn’t feel good about using a NSAID cream every night, which provided minimal relief.

I’d read studies on the effectiveness of LLLT (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26833862/) and had searched online a few times for various devices, never feeling confident enough about the product or manufacturer to make the purchase. And then one day Dr. Google gave me a link to your site, and I immediately read every page. I knew I could trust you, primarily because you shared your wife’s story and her photos!

I started off with twice-daily sessions as you advise and experienced perceptible relief immediately. I kept this up for several months, until doing it in the morning sort of fell by the wayside. I still do an evening session while watching TV nearly every night. I recently realized that even though I rarely place my entire hand in the device in order to expose the “bone-on-bone” arthritis in both basal thumb joints to the lights, they must be benefitting because I rarely have pain in that area these days. I used to have it so badly I’d go in for periodic steroid shots in both hands. Needless to say, between the thumb joint pain and the finger joint pain, my grip strength and dexterity were shot! They still aren’t great, but I can do simple things like put my car into reverse without yelping in pain.

A very belated thank you for your amazing Triumph device and for any guidance you can offer on a similar solution for neck pain.

Warm regards,

- Laura Winzeler

I had a piece of RPG shrapnel go through my right hand in Viet Nam. My surgeon says it’s totally engulfed in arthritis and has a LOT of bone loss. He couldn't believe I could even use my right hand at all. If it were not for the soothing effects of the Triumph LTD, I don't think I could. I love this machine! It really helps a lot with the pain.

Thanks a lot Jeff. You really did a great job on the Triumph LTD and your customer service is top notch!

Col. Steven Cohn
Retired U.S. Army, SGM (Sergeant Major)

Here are the changes and results I received from using Triumph.

  1. It is relieving not to be touching a hot stove or grabbing a pan without a potholder as I could not feel the burn.
  2. It is wonderful to be able to button my clothing or put on jewelry without assistance once again.
  3. The fear of holding a baby or a puppy has been lifted as I no longer am dropping things all the time. Although my focus remains strong that this may still happen.
  4. Being able to now use touch-screen technology, i.e., setting my GPS, or working on my glass-top stove without frustration is a great accomplishment.
  5. I am so grateful to have the ability to type on my computer with ease again.
  6. This list could go on as you don't think about the everyday things you take for granted until you lose your ability to do them.

I am so grateful for George, my husband, for encouraging me to try Triumph. I no longer check the weather report before accepting an invitation. It has truly been "Life Changing" for me.

- Ann Vadala, Lexington, MA


I had talked to you a few weeks ago, and ordered the hand therapy machine, for my Mom, age 89. It HAS helped her greatly.

Debbie Porter

Jeff, I am sure this unit is working on my severe Raynaud's Syndrome. Went off Amlodipine for 5 days to start the trial again. The physical difference is visible to the eye and the pain relief is amazing to me.

My hands which are white fingers and deep red normally are now flush and pain free.

This technology is a game changer for people with this condition.

My severe Raynaud’s has been well documented over the years at top Boston Hospitals Rheumatology Departments.

A little about my previous experience: Shopping at Market Basket, I could only stay a short time, picking out produce and then had to go outside in warmer seasons, or to our car in winter. My husband remained and finished the shopping and once home he had to put away any cold items.

This condition was not only due to temperature changes and occurred in my home, business buildings, cars, and just walking. My reddish/purple hands with cold white fingers were very painful, and very restrictive. For example, I was unable to buckle or unbuckle a seatbelt in the winter. I could not operate the glass top controls on my kitchen stove or any heat-sensitive touch Techtronic’s i.e. (GPS) when my hand circulation failed me.

In reviewing my handwritten notes, I began using (Triumph Hand Therapy) 10/10/2021 and have never missed a day. I did discover on 10/28 I missed my AM Treatment - In the evening my hands were uncomfortable and feeling like Raynaud's setting in. I immediately sat down at 9pm-9:45 and then again at 11pm-11:28. NOTE on that page 'Need to put Therapy FIRST. I am still working at the discipline of a schedule. My notes are handwritten on photocopied forms from your booklet. If you would like me to send you copies, I will be happy to do so. But I warn you they are in pencil and my handwriting suffers from sitting in a comfy chair not a desk.

My family can't believe this improvement as I have suffered for so many years. My husband, George, is so grateful.

Thanks. This is better relief than anyone could imagine. Went walking at NH reservoir on a cold, windy day last weekend. I wore heavy gloves, but I didn't need them. Family were amazed with my hands and the improved circulation This unit really is amazing.

- Ann Marie

Omg!!!! I cannot believe how my hands feel in the morning. It’s really helping!!!! They’re not so stiff and sore. I use it twice everyday.

- Faith Cuddeback

I just wanted to call and tell you how happy I am with the Triumph. Over the past 3 years I’ve spent lots of money on creams and other things and nothing helped. Now I do Triumph twice a day and I’m telling you it’s like new hands. I just wish I had got this a long time ago. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Triumph

- Katherine G.

I purchased your therapy machine several months ago. I was skeptical. It really works!

- Joe Lukach

Just wanted to let you know how helpful this machine has been in controlling pain in my arthritic hands. I have been using it 2-3 times a day now for quite awhile, and experiencing marked improvement in flexibility and strength. I amazed myself the other day by picking up a 10-pound bag of kitty litter with one hand — my “bad” one — and without any jarring pain. Thank you so much for making this product. I wish I had one for my feet, too!

- Marijo Hobbs

Absolutely. Our office manager has been using it for about a week and she is loving it. She was having trouble with grip strength and pain in her hands and is doing much better already.

- Dr. Christina Darin, D.C

Through my experience everyone’s body works differently therefore each person’s body is unique it is expense if you can it it does give relief it feels wonderful I do not get to do it more then once per day I have severe arthritis through my body I have cartilage gone from left hand & partial loss on right since I am retired I am fortunate to be able to buy plus it was made here and or invented in Brainerd, MN that was the second determining factor of my purchase. For me it is a luxury not everyone can afford it. Thank you for asking. If you can try it on a trial basis there is a 30 day money back guarantee it might be worth checking it but it is a decision you need to make I also use Copper Fit gloves for driving for daily exercise . You need to keep moving very important. May God bless you in your seeking answers . Cookie Hensel, USAF, Retired

- Phyllis A. Hensel



I’ve lived on a farm all my life which is very demanding on my hands. My arthritis had also advanced to a point I couldn’t hold cards to play bridge with my friends. My son gave me a Triumph and I began using it every day. Within 2 weeks my hands were back, I was able to hold cards and do things the pain and stiffness had taken away. I continue to use Triumph each day for just 15 minutes. I’m afraid to stop and go back to my old hand pain and stiffness.

- Mary

I have very bad arthritis in my hands in addition to diabetes and didn't have the strength to grip my walker or cane, so I was unable to get out of my chair without help. My neighbor got a Triumph and invited me to use it with her, I'd go over for coffee and we'd chat while I used it. Within 20 days, my pain was gone and I was able to grip my walker and get out of my chair unassisted.

- Kathy

No matter what I tried, the pain in my hands was getting worse. Finally, I’ve found a treatment that works without all of my anti-inflammatory pills. When I use it every day I get remarkable relief. This is a treatment option that is both safe and soothing. It took away the stiffness, and allowed me to do the things I no longer could do.

- Bob M.

I never realized how much I depended on pain-free hands until my hand arthritis took them away from me. With this red light therapy device I can do all the things that used to be too painful, like cooking and gardening.

- Paulette