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Omg!!!! I cannot believe how my hands feel in the morning. It’s really helping!!!! They’re not so stiff and sore. I use it twice everyday.

- Faith Cuddeback


I just wanted to call and tell you how happy I am with the Triumph. Over the past 3 years I’ve spent lots of money on creams and other things and nothing helped. Now I do Triumph twice a day and I’m telling you it’s like new hands. I just wish I had got this a long time ago. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Triumph

- Katherine G.


I purchased your therapy machine several months ago. I was skeptical. It really works!

- Joe Lukach


Just wanted to let you know how helpful this machine has been in controlling pain in my arthritic hands. I have been using it 2-3 times a day now for quite awhile, and experiencing marked improvement in flexibility and strength. I amazed myself the other day by picking up a 10-pound bag of kitty litter with one hand — my “bad” one — and without any jarring pain. Thank you so much for making this product. I wish I had one for my feet, too!

- Marijo Hobbs


Absolutely. Our office manager has been using it for about a week and she is loving it. She was having trouble with grip strength and pain in her hands and is doing much better already.

- Dr. Christina Darin, D.C


Through my experience everyone’s body works differently therefore each person’s body is unique it is expense if you can it it does give relief it feels wonderful I do not get to do it more then once per day I have severe arthritis through my body I have cartilage gone from left hand & partial loss on right since I am retired I am fortunate to be able to buy plus it was made here and or invented in Brainerd, MN that was the second determining factor of my purchase. For me it is a luxury not everyone can afford it. Thank you for asking. If you can try it on a trial basis there is a 30 day money back guarantee it might be worth checking it but it is a decision you need to make I also use Copper Fit gloves for driving for daily exercise . You need to keep moving very important. May God bless you in your seeking answers . Cookie Hensel, USAF, Retired

- Phyllis A. Hensel


Finally, we've found a treatment that works without all the anti-inflammatories. Safe, and soothing and when he uses it conscientiously, remarkable relief. No matter what he tried, the pain in his hands kept getting worse. He now found a treatment that gives him relief. It took away the stiffness, and allowed him to do the things he no longer could do.

- Anonymous



I’ve lived on a farm all my life which is very demanding on my hands. My arthritis had also advanced to a point I couldn’t hold cards to play bridge with my friends. My son gave me a Triumph and I began using it every day. Within 2 weeks my hands were back, I was able to hold cards and do things the pain and stiffness had taken away. I continue to use Triumph each day for just 15 minutes. I’m afraid to stop and go back to my old hand pain and stiffness.

- Mary


I have very bad arthritis in my hands in addition to diabetes and didn't have the strength to grip my walker or cane, so I was unable to get out of my chair without help. My neighbor got a Triumph and invited me to use it with her, I'd go over for coffee and we'd chat while I used it. Within 20 days, my pain was gone and I was able to grip my walker and get out of my chair unassisted.

- Kathy


No matter what I tried, the pain in my hands was getting worse. Finally, I’ve found a treatment that works without all of my anti-inflammatory pills. When I use it every day I get remarkable relief. This is a treatment option that is both safe and soothing. It took away the stiffness, and allowed me to do the things I no longer could do.

- Bob M.


I never realized how much I depended on pain-free hands until my hand arthritis took them away from me. With this red light therapy device I can do all the things that used to be too painful, like cooking and gardening.

- Paulette