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Treat Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis Hands

(Reuters Health) - Osteoarthritis, a painful condition in which the tissue between bones wears down, frequently affects people in old age and a new study finds that as many as 4 in 10 people (40%) may develop the condition in their hands.

Among women, researchers found the lifetime risk was 47 percent while for men it was about 25 percent. Obese people also had 11 percent higher lifetime risk than those who were not obese.

Hand osteoarthritis can cause disability and problems with daily living.

The hand is the most used part of the body and the finger joints the most flexed. So, it stands to reason the hand and finger joints are the key target for arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. If you have sore finger joints and knuckles the odd’s are you have osteoarthritis. The bad news is there is no cure for arthritis, it is a degenerative disease meaning it will continue to get worse. The most you can hope for is relief from the pain stiffness and swelling to regain use of your hands but under the current conventional treatment methods the side effects may be worse that the disease itself.

Watch our video on the Introduction of the Triumph LTD Hand Therapy Device.

Osteoarthritis Hands

Degenerative Joint Disease

In the USA the predominate method of treating hand arthritis is with medication. There are over 50-drugs currently prescribed to treat arthritis. Osteoarthritis effects 35.5 million people and is the costliest disease in America, more money is spent treating osteoarthritis than any other disease. Over $150 billion a year is spent on medications alone with the average monthly cost to people affected by osteoarthritis at over $200.

Your doctor will more than likely start by prescribing NSAID’s (like ibuprofen). NSAID stands for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and are commonly used to manage pain. NSAIDs reduce or block inflammation which is the top priority of osteoarthritis suffers.

NSAID drugs are available with and without a prescription. It’s possible to buy lower dose NSAID medicines over the counter. Your doctor can prescribe a stronger, higher dose NSAID to manage pain which may include oxycodone. Just because NSAID can be bought over the counter does not mean they come without risk which include these side effects:

  • Ulcers
  • Kidney damage
  • Erosion of stomach and/or intestinal lining
  • Irritation of the stomach lining, stomach bleeding

Taking too much of these medicines can cause death. If you use an over-the-counter NSAID medicine to manage RA symptoms, tell your doctor. Long-term NSAID use will prompt the doctor to regularly monitor kidney function. If you have kidney disease, tell your doctor. NSAID use may be contra-indicated in that case. If you’re allergic to common aspirin, don’t take NSAIDs. This could be dangerous to your health.

Degenerative Joint Disease

Osteoarthritis in Fingers

One may ask with so many people suffering from osteoarthritis and it being so costly, what aren’t alternative treatments being researched? The answer is simple, follow the money, there’s too much profit to be made by big Pharma treating osteoarthritis with drugs. It’s easy to understand big Pharma will ignore the science of Photo Biomodulation as incorporated by Triumph Hand therapy.

To date Triumph boasts a 95% success ratio among our customers. Imagine a one-time purchase of $299 with no recuring monthly fees and a 95% success. How can this not gain national attention?

Triumph Hand Therapy does not come without it’s own issues. First it has to be used on a daily basis. Each treatment session is 15-minutes per hand and we suggest treating each hand in the morning and evening when you first start, so Triumph can be time consuming. Triumph is an electronic device so it has to be plugged into an outlet so that means you need to sit in one place during treatment.

Using Triumph you should expect to have a significant reduction in pain, stiffness and swelling. You should get the use of your hands back from the disease. We encourage everyone to do your own research, you are your own best advocate. Triumph comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so what do you have to lose?

Osteoarthritis in Fingers