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Buyer beware: the science of red light therapy is very precise and not every device on the market meets best-practice standards. After over 3,000 clinical studies, the scientific community has identified a precise dose of red light required to get maximum benefit. Overdosing or under-dosing isn’t harmful, but without the optimal dose you will experience diminished outcomes. Triumph delivers 37 joules of light energy per session. That’s the perfect dose for treating hand arthritis and pain.

The Science and Benefits

Interested in learning about red light therapy science and the benefits of red light therapy and photobiomodulation? Here, we break down all you need to know about how red light therapy and photobiomodulation are helping treat hand arthritis and hand joint pain.

Looking for a more technical breakdown of red light therapy science? You'll also find dozens of links to additional resources and clinical studies at the bottom of this page.

What exactly is Triumph LTD red light therapy?

Triumph LTD (Light Therapy Device) is a three-function hand therapy device designed specifically to treat pain and stiffness in arthritic hands and other hand ailments including post-surgery recovery. Triumph Hand Therapy uses photobiomodulation red light therapy, heat and vibration massage to reduce hand pain and provides increased flexibility and comfort. When used on a daily basis, your Triumph device can reduce pain, stiffness and swelling giving you greater use of your hands. In addition, when used to treat hand wounds and post-hand surgery recovery, Triumph Hand Therapy can speed healing by up to 200%.

    What can I expect from using a red light therapy device designed for my hands?

    Results of treatment include reduced pain, reduced swelling, reduced morning stiffness, greater flexibility and use of hands and fingers and greater grip strength. Triumph Hand Therapy is intended to improve your quality of life by making your arthritic hands feel better with less pain and more flexibility. You will have greater use of your hands.

      Are LEDs as effective as the other therapy sessions my clinic offers?

      Harvard researcher Michael Hamblin, PhD (widely regarded as the world’s top authority on photobiomodulation) has studied this in detail.

      So, spending a few hundred dollars on a Triumph LTD Hand Therapy is more cost effective than other units. Better yet, you don’t have to go to a clinic and pay $75-$300 per treatment. Once you own a device, you can do unlimited treatments at home for no additional cost and get all the same benefits. You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars by not having to receive the same treatment at a medical clinic or pharmacy.

      Is Triumph red light therapy for me?

      We can all stand to be more proactive and personally involved in our own health care. Deciding on an arthritis treatment is not easy, as many involve drugs with serious side effects. The photobiomodulation therapy of Triumph is unlike any offered by typical Big Pharma. One Triumph LTD Hand Therapy device provides years of scientifically-proven therapy and hand relief. Arthritis drug prescriptions are very expensive and must be taken on a daily basis. The costs quickly compound as long as you stay on the medications. In most cases, the investment in a Triumph LTD Hand Therapy device is quickly recouped with all the office and prescription co-pay savings.

      You need to do your own research to make an informed decision. Look at the extensive list of medical references and resources at the bottom of this page. The science supporting Triumph LTD Hand Therapy is overwhelming: no side effects, no drugs and no surgery. 

      Hand Therapy for Arthritis Pain